We are the global brand most focused in developing smart surfaces, with specific functionalities, while using the most advanced technologies

Our knowledge and our sophisticated processes help us innovating our materials, services, delivering the utmost future-proof, most economical, and sustainable superior interior solutions


We promote change and innovation to efficiently apply high-end technology to both our processes and our products to accelerate the future of mobility.

What drives us is our firm belief that in the mobility sector, consumer demands are continually increasing. To meet those successfully and at maximum speed, planning, and performing smart to efficiently provide competitive, high-end smart products personalized to each end user´s needs is crucial.



FIRST TIME RIGHT! That`s our COINDU-DNA. If the conditions of a request don`t allow best-in-class output we will consult our customers with a factual, solution oriented, and decisive approach.


We take pride in ourselves and in our customers and in our effort to always face towards success – our success, our customer´s success. We never undermine those values.


We stand up for our global team, their achievements and their performance. We appreciate and reward performance. At the same time, we constantly focus on improving our skills every single day to keep ourselves on track.


We strive to always achieve safe and healthy working environments and to achieve our goal of environmental protection, to meet the demands of the society in which we live: Protect the environment by constantly introducing new sustainable solutions. We demonstrate commitment in supporting the design and procurement of products and services that promote improved energy performance. We also work daily to be fully and socially responsible for all our employees and communities, locally and globally


COINDU integrates the fundamental principles of sustainability into its culture, strategy, activities, management acts and in the relationship with its employees, suppliers, clients, shareholders and all those who, directly or indirectly, are affected by the organization activities. Our integrated approach to sustainable value creation, by anticipating risk, helps maximizing opportunities and building strong relationships with stakeholders.


We are committed to protecting the company’s information assets, continuously improving our processes to ensure Privacy, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.


No matter the volume or the complexity of a project, we always deliver on time and at the highest quality. Every day for every one of our customers! COINDU stands for efficient workflows at highest expectations on it output.


Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today –that is what we believe in. Therefore, we steadily search and implement the new to meet the needs of tomorrow. For us and for our customers. Change is today!


COINDU is known amongst the major premium brands for the quality of its products and the flexibility of its manufacturing processes.

The defined cornerstone is to respond positively to our customer´s expectations, having this ambition transmitted by our employees as well as our partners and suppliers.


  • Growth through diversification of customers, products and locations, increasing stability in ongoing activities, in addition to positive diversification and reducing business risk.
  • Assure a consistent profitability, optimizing operational management, focusing on customer/product categories, implementing continuous improvement procedures throughout the organization, developing competences and skills of staff, implementing effective training programs and management and implementing an effective management system.
  • Environmental protection and pollution prevention, in terms of significant environmental aspects, via the sustainable use of resources, by reducing water and energy consumption, reducing waste production based on the best industrial practices available, or giving them the best available route, prioritizing recycling over landfill.
  • Promote the health, safety and well-being of employees, through hazards elimination and Occupational Health and Safety risks reductions, to prevent injuries and health problems related to work and reduce work accidents, thus contributing to the increase in productivity and motivation of workers.
  • Full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and commitments.
  • Cooperation with relevant stakeholders by promoting internal and external communication and consultation and participation of workers.
  • To promote the culture of privacy and information security, establishing controls for mitigating relevant information security risks, for handling security incidents and for complying with the applicable requirements.